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Day I, 22 November 2015, 14:00-18:00

European regional workshop for Future Earth


Session 1: Transdisciplinarity and co-design (plenary)
Chair: Wendy Broadgate, director, Future Earth global hub, Sweden

13:00 Registration and networking.

Welcoming words and aim of the meeting: capacity building and knowledge cascade.

Magnus Tannerfeldt, SSEESS, Swedish national committee for global change research

Wendy Broadgate, director, Future Earth global hub, Sweden


Plenary talk: Locating TD within integrated science - what is TD research, when is it a relevant and appropriate research method?

TD spectrum: from stakeholder consultation to full co-production. Challenges of doing TD (e.g. questions of cultures, vocabulary), demonstrating how the techniques and principles help address these challenges.

Vivi Stavrou, ISSC transdisciplinarity team


Flash talks

Examples on real-life TD projects. Discussion.

  1. Science-Based Targets. How can science influence real-life business decisions? Suzie Wood, Carbon Disclosure Project.
  2. Example to be addressed in Actor constellation exercise (tba based on participant’s expertise).

Plenary talk: Steps of designing a TD research project

  • Main phases of a transdisciplinary research project
  • Main steps to develop a stakeholder interaction plan.
    (Stakeholder and context analysis, co-designing the research problem, goals and questions, missing knowledge for achieving societal goals, identifying promising methods and approaches for TD knowledge co-production, reflections about resources and roles)

Tobias Buser, (td-net), Flurina Schneider (CDE)

15:30 Coffee
Session 2: Stakeholder and context analysis (plenary)
Chair: Asher Minns, Future Earth Europe centre

Plenary talk: Introduction to stakeholder and context analysis (15 min)

Tobias Buser, Flurina Schneider

Practical exercise: Conducting an actor analysis by means of Actor constellation (60 min). Main theme for exercise tba based on participant composition.

Vivi Stavrou


Q & A session

Via Skype with Susanne Moser, Ph.D., Director and Principal Researcher, Susanne Moser Research & Consulting. Member of Future Earth Science Committee 2014-2016.


Summary of Day I (10 min)

Tanja Suni, Magnus Tannerfeldt

18:30 Dinner at Klubbvillan in the next building.



Day II, 23 November 2015, 09:00-16:00

European regional workshop for Future Earth

Session 2: Practical exercises in small groups for designing a stakeholder interaction plan

Chair: Tanja Suni, Executive Director, European Alliance of Global Change Research Committees, Future Earth Finland



Welcome and aims of Day II.

Asher Minns, European Centre/Tanja Suni, European Alliance/Jon Padgham, Future Earth capacity building team


Flash talks (2 x 7 min + discussion).

1-2 flash-talk examples on real-life TD projects (7-15 min). Discussion.

Examples to be used as material for practical exercise. Open for ideas.


Plenary talk: Introduction to the exercise (15min)

Tobias Buser, Flurina Schneider

Group work: Participants work on designing a stakeholder interaction plan for participants’ TD projects (one project per group)

(Participants can work on the steps which are most significant for them. TD coaches are available for discussing questions, and giving inputs)

TD coaches: Vivi Stavrou, Tobias Buser, Flurina Schneider, and assistants

10:30 Coffee

Group work continues

12:30 Lunch

Group work continues

Session 3: Feedback, discussion, next steps (plenary).

Chair: Magnus Tannerfeldt, director, Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences (SSEESS), Swedish national committee for global change research

14:40 Coffee
15:00 Feedback and discussion
  • Group work presented in plenary. Feedback from trainers and participants.
  • Knowledge cascade: how can IPO and NC participants utilize these skills in their work and pass it on?
  • Feedback on the training course

Co-design and support of co-design in Future Earth.

General discussion and next steps


End of meeting

Tanja Suni, Magnus Tannerfeldt, Asher Minns, Wendy Broadgate

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