Future Earth regional workshop for Europe
– What is transdisciplinary research and co-design in practice? 

22-23 November 2016, Stockholm, Sweden


Future Earth regional workshop for Europe will focus on trandsciplinary reseach. We will discuss the concept of trandsdisciplinarity and learn how to do transdisciplinary research in practice. The workshop will provide insights from transdisciplinarity experts and training on how to co-design research with stakeholders. Come to learn and share your experiences on co-designed sustainability research!

The tentative agenda and information on registration will be available shortly.

8th Annual Meeting of the European Alliance of Global Change Research Committees will be held in parallel to the workshop.


Key themes of the workshop:

The concept of transdisciplinarity in Future Earth.
What can it be, how can we perform transdisciplinary research? From information sharing to co-design and co-production.
Engaging stakeholders in research: when, why, and how to do it?
What kind of support do researchers need to conduct transdisciplinary research?

Transdisciplinarity in practice.
Methodogies, tools, where to find them.
Practical training of participatory methods and co-design tools.
Transdisciplinarity clinic: how to design an effective stakeholder interaction plan for your project?


Organisers & trainers:

The workshop is hosted by the Swedish National Committee for Global Environmental Change and Swedish Secretariat for Environmental Earth System Sciences.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with the host institutions, European Alliance of Global Change Research Committees, European Regional Centre of Future EarthFuture Earth secretariat and Swiss Transdisciplinarity network (TD-net).


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