Round Table on A Dynamic Planet - Perspectives for Geographical Transdisciplinary Research

July 1st 2016, Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy


Untitled1The Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy organized on the 1st of July 2016 a round table on the topic “A Dynamic Planet - Perspectives for Geographical Transdisciplinary Research” at the institute’s annual session of scientific communications.

The discussions focused around three main aspects, particularly the newly emergent directions in research envisaged by the international programme Future Earth, concentrated on the broad theme of a dynamic planet, the role of networking for establishing interdisciplinary research teams on specific topics, such as land use change and sustainability and efficient use of natural resources in the context of climate change, approached over wide areas (i.e. the Danube Basin and the Black Sea Basin), as well as the relevance of including the topic of SDGs in the university curricula of Geography.

The issues were discussed from the perspective of Geography as a science that is evolving along with all the other sciences, and whose methods are spatially intrinsic yielding results which are useful for local, regional and/or national policies and strategies with respect to the extent, magnitude of and interactions among the environmental change processes. At the same time, the need to involve the stakeholders from all governance levels was well recognized, but well scheduled plans of interactions with them are looked-for in order to ensure a proper uptake of their inputs into research and a constant dialogue, as well as to visibly disseminate the common results.

Text: Future Earth Romania Secretariat

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